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NOTE: AMP Systems Solar Generators are no longer produced and the previous owner is now the Principal Solar Designer at Florida Solar Design Group

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What is an AMP System?

Some call it a solar trailer, a solar generator, or mobile solar power system. Whatever you prefer, an AMP System is an alternative mobile power system. Think of a solar electric and battery backup system that you can take with you. It is an alternative to generators when no utility power is available at a remote site. Once on-site, the trailer can be detached from the vehicle. It is a completely independent power system. Energy derived from the sun, utility power, or other power sources is stored in batteries and used to provide standard A/C electricity to your devices. It is silent, eco-friendly, and simple to use. Any time you consider using a portable or trailer mounted generator for power, consider an AMP System instead. Eco-friendly power is within reach anywhere you go!

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AMP VideoVideo Presentation

Learn how the AMP System works and the features and benefits of an Alternative Mobile Power System.

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SolarPowerBeginner Interview

Comparison of AMP Systems Versus Generators
There is no comparison!

Tilting solar panels

Press Releases

March 4, 2009 -- AMP Systems Introduces Mobile Temporary Remote Site Power Generator Alternative


February 23, 2009 -- Alternative Mobile Power Systems Ready For Event Rental Market With Quiet, Eco-Friendly Generator Alternative


January 15, 2009 -- Alternative Mobile Power (AMP) Systems Develops Quiet, Eco-Friendly Mobile Generator Alternative

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International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 349 uses thier AMP System in recruiting and awareness event.

Why use an AMP System?

AMP Systems are silent, eliminating the noise of generators where quiet ambiance is critical. This eco-friendly power alternative reduces the reliance on inefficient fuel-burning generators for remote power needs. The system is reliable, simple to use, and transportable. Cost savings can be achieved when compared to fuel, maintenance, and replacement costs for traditional generators.

Southwest Florida Blues Festival

AMP Systems provided power for the 10th annual Southwest Florida Blues Festival. We were tasked with powering all of the lighting and incidental power needs for the art & craft vendor tents. We successfully provided power from 10am - 10pm, working with 25 different vendors to ensure they had adequate power and lighting. Because energy conservation is always key with solar energy powered events, we passed out compact fluorescent light bulbs and clamp-on fixtures for vendors who arrived with only halogen or incandescent bulbs. The vendors were very appreciative, and loved the concept of using green power at these types of events. They also appreciated the full service approach we take, providing extension cords and accessories as necessary. We set up remote power outlets to make power available along the 300 foot line of tents. This event is just more proof that mobile alternative energy can be a great power solution for for outdoor events.


Florida Renewable Energy Expo 2009

AMP Systems provided stage power on the Solar Terrace at this year's Florida RE Expo on at the Orlando Science Center. We were pleased to be a part of this terrific event that featured exhibits, seminars, workshops, films, and live solar-powered jazz music!

AMP Systems used a solar generator parked in a sunny area of the lawn to generate ample solar electricity for bands during the two day event. The bands, located four stories above on the solar terrace, were pleased to provide entertainment powered with renewable energy. Outdoor events are perfect venues for AMP Systems, where noise, fumes, and lack of other power sources can present significant challenges. Mobile power systems can be powered with solar energy and provide battery storage backup for any type of event with no fossil fuels used to produce power.

Florida RE Expo 2009 Orlando Science CenterFlorida RE Expo 2009 Robert Harris Band
Florida RE Expo 2009 AMP System in the lawn, four stories belowFlorida RE Expo 2009 AMP System in the lawn, four stories below

Learn more about using AMP Systems at concerts and outdoor events.

Hurricane and Disaster Preparedness

Is your organization ready to weather the next storm without mobile power for critical remote power needs? Are you ready to rely on a generator to start and run after being in storage for months? Do you want to worry about fuel storage, refueling, and running out of adequate fuel supplies?

The solution is an Alternative Mobile Power System from AMP Systems. Be prepared for emergencies with a clean, silent, and reliable energy system. With an AMP System, you can quickly and easily deploy power to any site for temporary emergency power or for extended remote energy needs.

An AMP System can be a complete standalone mobile energy system with integrated solar panels mounted to the roof and sides. We can also create a complete expandable power station customized to your needs with easily deployed auxiliary ground-mount solar panel arrays. You can even couple an AMP system with an auxiliary generator for redundancy, flexibility, and increased capability.

We will work with you to create a scalable solution for your emergency power needs. Contact us today!

AMPing up Capacity on our latest 16ft platform

AMP Systems has added several new options to the 16 foot trailer platform, including increased solar energy production capacity. By adding solar panels to both sides of the trailer, the rated capacity of this system reaches 2.9kW of solar power and 7kW of output capacity with dual inverters from Outback Power Systems.

Aesthetic improvements include optional diamond plate aluminum flooring and Kemlite® Fiberglass Reinforced Panel walls. Ease of use is improved with stainless steel gas lift supports for effortless side solar panel extension.

Solar Generator Power for ARRL Field Day Disaster Preparedness Drill in Tampa

AMP Systems partnered with the Tampa Amateur Radio Club (TARC) to test ham radio equipment operation using solar energy. The annual "Field Day," held June 27-28, 2009, featured over 35,000 participants performing the world's largest disaster preparedness drill. The TARC participants had four seperate antennae set up to communicate with other amateur radio operators during the 24 hour event. AMP Systems was responsible for powering one of the radios along with associated gear and a computer. The goal was to prove the reliability and value of a renewable energy source for disaster response. Plus, TARC received bonus ponts toward thier goal for using solar energy!

Click here to learn more about AMP Systems' participation in this drill.

Click here to view the letter of appreciation from TARC.

coolTech 2009 Tampa

AMP Systems was selected to exhibit at the Tampa Bay Technology Forum's coolTech 2009 event. We had the opportunity to show off our demonstration unit and explain what our systems can do to meet remote and emergency power needs. We are honored to have been selected to participate. The event featured some of the best technology innovations in the area. Although we created quite a buzz, the AMP System was silent, providing quiet, clean, and eco-friendly energy.

Check out this short video!

Continuous Improvements

We are now mounting four 130 watt solar modules on the side tilt-mount of our 5x8 cargo trailer platform, increasing capacity by 180 watts or 20%! This was accomplished with a slightly higher interior height and a flat roof, which also improves mounting security of the solar arrays. The side mount panels can be tilted and secured easily by one person with our innovative newly designed tilt arms.

In addition, we have developed a fast-deployable auxiliary solar array that adds up to 520W of solar production to the AMP System platform. The extra solar panels feature an easy ground-mount rack system that is deployable by one person, stores inside the trailer for transporting, and connects quickly to the existing charge controller. This auxiliary array is a great way to add capability to any AMP System. Multiple ground-mount arrays are possible, making the AMP System a scalable mobile power solution.

Earth Day 2009!

AMP Systems successfully powered the stage at the April 25, 2009 Eight Annual Earth Day hosted by the Sierra Club at Koreshan State Park in Estero, Florida. Several bands played on stage throughout the day, and all of the power came from solar energy produced and stored by the AMP System!

This event gave us the opportunity to showcase the most appealing features of our Alternative Mobile Power Systems. Since we will be set up close to the stage, it was important that we were silent, as to not compete with the music. We were also eco-friendly, not using any generators or utility power during the event. The AMP system also demonstrated its reliable output during the day-long festival.

We had a very sunny day, allowing the solar panels to keep up with power demands for the entire event, and proving that the AMP System is up to the challenge of providing stage power at outdoor events.

A special thanks goes out to the bands and sound people who worked with us to make solar power a success at the festival!


Collier Greenfest

AMP Systems teamed up with GreenCastle, a local green home builder, with a tradeshow booth at the Edison State College Collier Greenfest in March 2009. The event brought in people from all industries, ages, and interests with an opportunity to learn about some of the things happening in the green movement.

AMP System at Greenfest Collier


Construction Test

With the help of a local construction company, AMP Systems was able to demonstrate the ability of our Alternative Mobile Power System at a functional construction site. The crew on this 8,000 square foot building uses temporary power for tools, fans, and lighting. The site has a utility hookup for power, but we wanted to see if our AMP System demonstration unit was up to the task.

For the 24 hour test, the AMP System provided 17kWh of electrical power from direct solar energy and from energy stored in batteries. The system powered variable requirements for hand tools and saws, handling surge requirements admirably. After hours, the system handled the steady load of fans and lighting for the overnight hours, drawing on its large battery capacity to provide ample power during darkness.

While the AMP System was primarily designed for temporary power to replace generators, we learned a valuable lesson. The AMP System can also serve on construction sites as a backup to utility power. Even on large job sites, the AMP System can provide clean energy to keep the project on track if utility power fails or is temporarily unavailable. This opens up the interesting prospect of utilizing the AMP System as a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply). The reliability of the AMP System ensure that work sites are not left in the dark during the day or night!


Bridal Blast

On February 22, 2009, AMP Systems attended a bridal event to show off it's mobile power unit to both brides and wedding event professionals. The event showcased the AMP System's ability to bring silent and eco-friendly power to weddings where a noisy generator would otherwise spoil the desired ambiance. The eco-friendly aspect of the AMP System appeals to couples and coordinators who are planning a "green" event.

The event also highlighted the AMP System's ability to function as a tradeshow platform. The LCD TV screen was perfect for showing a slideshow of the AMP System features and benefits. The audio system played traditional wedding music for attendees entering the show.

For the next show, AMP Systems hopes to partner with a band, DJ, or videographer to provide a booth that demonstrates both the AMP System and the services offered by the partner.


Super Bowl Tailgate Party              

AMP Systems was a stone's throw away from Raymond James Stadium for this year's Super Bowl in Tampa. Quite the crowd gathered to watch the mobile tailgate party demonstration unit. Although it was a cloudy day, the AMP System provided power from nine o'clock in the morning until well after the game using stored power from its batteries. Just 12% of the AMP System's battery capacity was used that day!

 YouTube Video

Guests were treated to some games of Nintendo Wii during the day to get the adrenaline going. Playing Wii outdoors on a 42 inch LCD TV is great fun. The pregame show was great. Guests flipped between NFL Network and NBC's coverage using our DirecTV satellite feed.

Of course, the game turned out to be a terrific competition of back and forth action. The frenzy really began when the local ABC affiliate showed up to see what the attraction was around the AMP System. Because of the great response to the party, AMP Systems did a short interview and the AMP System was featured on the news that evening.

Best of all, only solar power was used for the event. Over the next couple of days, the roof mounted solar panels recharged the batteries to full capacity, ready to perform at our next event the following weekend. If a quick recharge were needed, the AMP System could have been plugged into any outlet to quickly recharge the batteries using clean electricity from the utility company. Who needs fuel burning generators?!

Learn more on our AMP System Tailgating section.

Super Bowl Tailgate Party AMP System Solar Trailer Super Bowl Tailgate Party AMP System Solar Trailer Super Bowl Tailgate Party AMP System Solar Trailer


Cape Coral Festival of the Arts

AMP Systems had the opportunity to demonstrate our mobile power solution when we provided electricity to light the registration tent at this year's Cape Coral Festival of the Arts. Our demonstration trailer was discretely placed in the parking lot and extension cords provided silent, eco-friendly electricity to power high intensity halogen lights.

The registration staff appreciated not having to listen to a noisy generator all night and the event committee appreciated the easy and reliable power source. While electricity was available from the roof of the nearby building, it was later learned that the outlets were not turned on during the late night and early morning registration activities. Fortunately, the AMP System was there, reliably supplying electricity without any noise or fuel.

Harnessing energy from the sun during the day, the AMP System was ready to provide clean power all night. From the prospective of the event staff, accessing electricity was as easy as plugging into the receptacles, just like a standard electrical outlets. With no fuel to store and refill, and none of the typical hassles that accompany generator power, the staff was able to focus on the arduous task of checking in hundreds of art show participants.

Explore our website and learn more about how an AMP System can supply clean, quiet, and reliable electricity for your event.


Youtube Video: AMP Systems vs. Generators

Download in .WMV format (1.7MB)

The Case for Alternative Mobile Power Systems

Traditional portable and trailer mounted generator systems are noisy, the fuel is messy, dirty, and dangerous, and they are inefficient, polluting our environment and unnecessarily burning fossil fuels at the point of use, often when no power is being consumed. Generators require a lot of maintenance, break down, and must be shut off for refueling. They can stall, often fail to start after lack of use, and are not nearly as reliable as the AMP System.

Optional Solar Panels InstalledThe AMP System uses quiet, clean, and efficient electrical power stored in batteries using technology developed for the alternative energy system market. You can recharge the AMP System using efficient utility power from any standard 120 or 240 volt A/C electrical outlet. You can also add optional solar power to the AMP System to recharge batteries and extend the capabilities of the mobile power system. The AMP System can be towed to a site, disconnected from the tow vehicle (if desired), and be ready to provide power at the flick of a switch.Mobile Entertainment!

The AMP System is flexible. It can be configured as a mobile entertainment platform allowing for a full week of tailgate partying. It can be configured solely to provide power to critical devices, like police communications gear. You can request a variety of electrical outlets for specialized tools utilizing both 120 and 240V power.