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Alternative Mobile Power (AMP) Systems Develops Quiet, Eco-Friendly Mobile Generator Alternative


FORT MYERS, FL -- January 15, 2009  -- AMP Systems announces the launch of the AMP (Alternative Mobile Power) System (TM), a silent, environmentally-friendly, and reliable alternative to portable and trailer mounted generators.


The AMP System is a trailer mounted alternative energy system that requires no fuel to operate and uses clean utility or solar electricity stored in batteries to provide remote electrical power in a silent, reliable, and safe manner without the use of liquid or gas fuel sources. It can be configured in various capacities and is customizable to the user’s requirements.


Target markets for the AMP System include governments, businesses, and individuals serving needs including emergency and disaster response, weddings and events, and mobile entertainment. In fact, the AMP System can be configured with a 42 inch LCD TV, satellite TV service and complete audio system without the need for a generator or access to utility power. Integral photovoltaic (solar) electric modules provide supplemental energy to recharge batteries and power devices.


“Unlike portable generators, the AMP System is silent, clean and reliable, making it perfect for powering remote emergency command centers, weddings and events, or your outdoor Super Bowl party at the beach,” said Jason Szumlanski, Owner of AMP Systems. “The AMP System is an efficient and cost effective solution for people and organizations that prefer to use a non-fuel alternative for remote power.”


Because the system is silent, events are not interrupted by the audible distraction of a generator engine. There is no engine to maintain and few moving parts, so the AMP System is ultra-reliable. Solar energy keeps batteries at a full state of charge and ready to provide instant power for any emergency. Generators inefficiently use gasoline, diesel, or propane gas when running, even when no electricity is being consumed, and are often oversized to meet intermittent power requirements. The AMP System is efficient, only consuming stored energy when demand actually exists.


AMP Systems is now taking orders for its alternative mobile power products. Demonstrations are available.


About AMP Systems:


AMP Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of OAS Export, LLC, a diversified Florida company. The owner draws on years of experience with solar electric energy systems in the Caribbean. The flexibility of the AMP System platform and numerous capabilities and benefits make the company’s products new and unique.