AMP Systems Introduces Mobile Temporary Remote Site Power Generator Alternative


FORT MYERS, FL – March 4, 2009  -- AMP Systems introduces the AMP (Alternative Mobile Power) System (TM), a mobile, fuel-free, silent, environmentally-friendly, and reliable generator alternative for remote site operators.


The AMP System provides remote electrical power in a silent, eco-friendly, reliable manner without the use of liquid or gas fuel sources. The trailer mounted alternative energy systems require no fuel to operate and use clean solar electricity or utility power stored in batteries. Remote site operators can benefit from a flexible and mobile power source to provide temporary or emergency power without the maintenance and hassle of fuel-burning engine-driven generators. Cost savings are achieved over the life of the system through reduced fuel and maintenance.


Integral photovoltaic (solar) electric modules provide supplemental energy to stored battery power and long-term primary power to smaller loads. Similar to an electric vehicle, the systems can be plugged into a variety of standard outlets to recharge batteries with the onboard charger. The company works closely with customers to develop systems with suitable output, storage, and energy production.


The system is particularly beneficial where the noise of a traditional genset is unacceptable. There is no engine to maintain and few moving parts, so the AMP System is ultra-reliable and can be left unmonitored. Generators inefficiently use gasoline, diesel, or propane gas when running, even when little or no electricity is being consumed, and are often oversized to meet intermittent power requirements. The AMP System is efficient, only consuming stored energy when demand actually exists.


A balance of output capacity, battery storage capacity, and solar energy production is determined by typical load requirements at the customer’s remote sites. The platform size is determined by the batteries and solar panels required. The standard AMP System is built on a custom 5’x8’ cargo trailer that has battery storage capacity up to 50kWh and solar energy rating of up to 1.2kW, but larger and smaller platforms are available. Output voltage and receptacles are customized to meet customer needs.


About AMP Systems:


AMP Systems produces mobile solar electric systems and custom engineers and builds mobile and remote power systems to customer specifications. The flexibility of the AMP System platform and numerous capabilities and benefits make the company’s products new and unique. AMP Systems serves the emergency response, outdoor events, and construction/industrial markets.



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