The AMP System for Commercial Use

Commercial users of AMP Systems include construction, telecom, tradeshows, and other industries where clean, quiet, and reliable power is required for job and equipment sites. Trailers can be deployed quickly and towed with many vehicle types.

The applications for the AMP System are endless. Anywhere clean, quiet, safe, and reliable electric power is required, the AMP System is THE Alternative Mobile Power System. Examples of where the AMP System may be used:

Construction sites

Constructions sites require mobile electrical power, especially before utility power is installed. Power and recharge tools and provide workers basic electrical needs during the project startup phase with the AMP System. Then, use free and clean solar power even after utility power is present onsite.

One of the most inefficient uses of portable generators is in the construction industry. Workers arrive at the job site in the morning and start up a portable generator. The generator usually runs until quitting time. However, power is not typically used throughout the day in a consistent manner. Power tools only draw power when running. Small loads connected to generators waste fuel because the generator is typically oversized to meet the largest intermittent load.

The AMP System produces energy throughout the day, storing excess energy in batteries. Only the amount of energy required by actual electrical loads is drawn from the batteries, significantly reducing energy waste caused by running a generator at no load.

Furthermore, generators require refuelling, maintanance, and suffer frequent breakdowns. Generators are prone to stalling and do not handle surges well. Generators, especially portable gasoline types, have very short lifespans. The AMP System provides near-maintenance-free operation, is extremely reliable, needs no fuel, and lasts for years. In fact, many components of the AMP System are rated for 20+ years and batteries only need replacing after thousands of cycles. An AMP System will deliver many times the total kw-hour output of similar sized portable generators, reducing overall long-term replacement, maintenance, and fuel costs.

Telecom and Remote Emergency Power

Utilities and remote equipment operators often use fixed UPS systems to backup remote equipment. What happens when you need more power, more storage capacity, or need temporary power at a remote equipment site?

The AMP System can be used as a cell tower site, remote telemetry site, temporary communications site, or anywhere battery storage and solar energy is required. The AMP System can be customized for your equipment power needs and is flexible.

Business Backup Power

Weather emergencies, natural disasters, accidents, and other utility failures can spell disaster for businesses. Often a renewable energy system or generator is not possible because of lease constraints. Whether you are a small business in a strip mall or a multi-location business needing a disaster response plan, the AMP System can be an integral part of providing temporary power when and where needed, without the maintenance, fuel, and noise of a portable generator.

Tradeshows and Fairs

Outdoor tradeshows and product demonstrations can utilize an AMP System to provide power and multimedia capabilities. (click here for more information about tradeshow configurations). An AMP System with a custom audio/visua system installed can provide a media platform plus power for other devices, plus storage space for you other tradeshow materials.

Remote Village Power

Throughout the world, the power grid does not reach many remote villages, and utility power can be extremely unreliable. Electricity is a basic need in our world today, and the AMP System can fit many needs to power remote villages' temporary and emergengy power needs.

Radio/TV Remote Broadcasts

The AMP System can be configured as a standalone remote broadcast unit with high powered audio systems, or can complement remote broadcast equipment by bringing significant battery storage capacity and solar energy to sites. The AMP System can support long-term remote news events without the use of generators or power from vehicle engines.

Mobile Demonstrations

If you are a utility company, renewable energy supplier or installer, or non-profit organization promoting renewable energy, let AMP Systems build a custom mobile renewable energy demonstrator for you! Demonstrate your line of business and push your agenda with a platform that emcompasses the renewable energy technology you want to promote!

If you are a solar energy company, there is no better way to demonstrate the components and capabilities of a solar energy system than taking a mobile demonstration trailer to your customers.