AMP System at Field Day 2009

Field day is the annual event where amateur radio operators set up "in the field" and simulate 24 hours of radio communications during a disaster response. Amateur radio operators were instrumental in saving lives during the hurricane Katrina aftermath in New Orleans when traditional communication methods were not availalbe. AMP Systems partnered with the Tampa Amateur Radio Club (TARC) to provide solar power for radio and computer equipment housed in a emergency response vehicle. Solar power makes sense for powering critical disaster response communication equipment. Generators are noisy, and require refueling and periodic maintenance. The AMP System is a reliable alternative that can power communications gear for an extended period of time silently and without scarce resources.

Our demonstration system proved it can power a radio, computer, and associated gear indefinitely during a disaster. With batteries powering equipment at night and solar energy recharging batteries during the day, the AMP System is a reliable and valuable tool for emergency operations personnel. Despite torrential rain during the event, the AMP System performed flawlessly to provide seamless power. Fortunately, the aftermath of hurricanes typically provides blue skies - the perfect environment to maximize solar energy production.

Letter of Appreciation from TARC.

Here are some pictures from the event: