Why use the AMP System?

Emergency and disaster response services require reliable power delivered to sites for quick deployment. Our quiet power systems do not interfere with on-site communications and sensitive electronics can be used where generators do not provide quality and stable power. Optional solar power can extend power without use of fuels which may be hard to find in a disaster.


Emergency Response

Emergency Response Mobile Power with SolarLaw enforcement, government officials, and fire departments frequently use generators at remote sites to power command tents. Generators are noisy, making communications difficult. They are unreliable, often breaking down stalling, or not starting in the first place. Transporting dangerous and messy fuels and refilling generators takes team members away from important duties and time is lost with dealing with the hassle of providing power to critical equipment. The AMP System solves these problems by providing quiet, clean, reliable power immediately upon reaching the emergency site. The AMP System is always ready to go. Just keep the AMP System plugged in at the storage location to ensure the batteries are fully charged at all times. When the alarm sounds, tow the AMP System to the site, flip the switch, and plug in whatever equipment needs power.

Radios, lights, laboratory equipment, rechargeable devices, computers, rechargeable flashlights, and any device requiring electricity can be plugged into the AMP Systems variety of receptacles. Communications equipment can run for days with an appropriately equipped AMP System. High powered halogen or metal halide lights can be installed for scene floodlighting applications.

Solar electric panels can be added to an AMP System to provide additional power for daylight operations and to assist batteries during multi-day events. The AMP System will help agencies meet eco-friendly initiatives and contribute to enviromental conservatism.


Disaster Response and Weather Emergencies

The AMP System can provide critical power when fuel is scarce, and can be quickly tranported to the scene of a disaster. An AMP System outfitted with solar electric power can provide electricity for an indefinite amount of time during power outages. Governments, relief agencies, businesses, and individuals can use the AMP System to provide reliable and safe electric power stored in batteries and assisted by the power of the sun. Since the system is transportable, it can also be towed to a location that has utility power to recharge batteries. Once recharged the system can immediately re-enter service. For situations where longer power outages are expected, multiple AMP Systems can be used to provide continuous power at a site while recharging one unit where utility power exists. For modest electricity needs, solar electric panels can provide all of the power required for an indefinitely length of time, with batteries available to provide power during cloudy or dark periods. The AMP System never overheats, stalls, or breaks down like other mobile power solutions.

The AMP System can be used at disaster sites including hurricanes, forest fires, tornados, floods, earthquakes, and anywhere utility power may be interrupted. The AMP System is quiet, clean, safe, and reliable. It can be used inside buildings (like shelters and garages) without the risk of carbon monoxide posed by fossil fuel burning generators.

Plenty of extra space is provided for transportation of other disaster preparedness gear. The trailer can be equipped with equipment such as lighting and directional displays. An AMP System configured with an LCD TV can provide informational services drawn from a computer, DVD, or USB drive. The TV can be secured behind plexiglass to secure the contents of the system. A satellite dish or over-the-air antenna can display weather and information from local broadcast stations. Most importantly, the AMP System can run autonomously for days without needing utility or generator power. For example, a 42 inch LCD TV can run for over a week with an AMP System - and even more with solar electric panels installed.