Hear the ceremony, not the generatorAMP Systems can be configured with full audio/visual systems for tailgating, remote tent functions, tradeshow demonstrations, and more. Watch satellite TV or show a presentation on your product without utility or generator power. Watch sports at the beach, power your remote concert event, or use an AMP System as your portable sales tool.


Weddings and Events

Electric power is not always within easy reach for outdoor events. We all love to expand our options for entertaining venues, like beach weddings, park reunions, and tent revivals. Nothing spoils the mood of a wedding or church event like a noisy generator. Many parks and campsites restrict noise and ban generators outright. Imagine the DJ's generator running out of fuel in the middle of YMCA at your wedding. Enter the AMP System, an alternative mobile power source that is silent, environmentally friendly, and reliable.

The AMP System uses a pure sine wave inverter to provide clean stable power for sensitive electronics and can handle surges produced with high powered amplifiers used by bands and DJs. If you are a DJ, entertainer, event coordinator, or other event service provider, an AMP System can give you an edge by providing a value-added service.

Any time you need power at a remote site, consider the benefits of an AMP System. Learn more:

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Tired of the same old tailgate party? Imagine pulling up to the party with your AMP System configured as a mobile entertainment trailer. Picture a 42 inch LCD TV, high powered stereo, 5.1 channel surround sound system with subwoofer, and enough power to watch sports all day and night for a long weekend and plenty of power left over for other devices like computers, a refrigerator, lighting, fans, and anything else you can imagine. Now consider doing all of this without the steady whine, fumes, and hassle of a noisy generator. Do you really want to miss the big play because the generator ran out of gas?!

Choose from a variety of entertainment options including DVD and BluRay players, gaming consoles, CD players, iPod docks, over the air digital TV, Satellite TV and connections for portable devices like cameras, camcorders, and more. High-definition Satellite TV can be added with a clamp-on dish, fold up roof mounted dish, tripod, or permanent dome antenna. You can even have multiple TVs and satellite receivers!

Watch TV and enjoy music at the park, beach, or campsite. Anywhere you can tow the AMP System, you can enjoy entertainment like you are at home.

Check out our Super Bowl XLIII Tailgate Party Video on Youtube

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AMP Systems Tradeshow UnitTradeshows

Nothing catches the attention of your customer like an AMP System used as a product demonstration system. Play a promotional DVD or Powerpoint presentation on a 42" LCD TV. Add graphics to the trailer to advertise your product. Plenty of space is provided on the trailer doors to hang product literature. Store other tradeshow material inside the main comprtment of the trailer.

If your product itself requires power, you get a standalone mobile power system with no noisy generator, ready to power your product immediately upon arriving at your customer's location.

The AMP System makes a perfect travelling showroom where you can both power your products and use multimedia to display sales material.



Beach TailgateHow would you like to have your next Super Bowl party on the beach or outside the stadium? We can make it a reality. The AMP System is ready to go anywhere you can tow it, and you can have satellite TV for you and your friends to enjoy. Let your kids and pets play outside while the adults gather around a 42" LCD TV with 5.1 Channel surround sound for an at-the-game experience. Or just catch up on your favorite shows anytime, anywhere. Kick back, get a tan, and enjoy music, TV, or video games!



Anywhere you want power, but don't want the noise, mess, and hassle of a generator, bring the AMP System along to provide clean, quiet, simple power. Whether camping, at a family reunion, or for a day at the park, the AMP System can provide ample power for all of your electrical needs.

Simply tow the AMP System trailer to your site and turn on to begin enjoying the electric coonveniences of home. AMP trailers provide plenty of extra space for gear and supplies. Pack you tent, food, and sundries in the trailer and head out to you favorite spot. Electric grills, hot plates, and camp stoves work great. Want a margarita? Fire up the blender! You can even take along a small refrigerator to cool your beverages and food for a long weekend. Don't rely on flashlights - take some real lighting!

Over 90% of forest fires occur due to human factors. Did you know that sparks from generators can start brush and forest fires! The AMP System is ultra safe, with no unsafe heat produced and no sparks or fuels to worry about. The AMP System is your safe alternative when camping and visiting state and national parks.


About Satellite TV

Satellite TV service is provided by Dish Network or DirecTV. AMP Systems can pre-install a satellite dish on your AMP System, but you may prefer to use the satellite provider to take advantage of special cost savings. Each type of dish has advantages and disadvantages that you may wish to discuss with us. You must add a satellite receiver and contract directly with a satellite TV provider for service. When signing up for new service, the satellite provider will send a technician to install your receiver and connect your service. Just tell them you already have a dish and want to connect new service. If you already have service at home, you can add another receiver to your account for a small additional monthly fee, making satellite TV for your AMP System very affordable. The satellite service providers consider the AMP System a Recreational Vehicle (RV) and do not require a separate account if you have service at home.


Note: We prefer the Philips 42PFL5603D "Eco TV." It uses half the energy of comparable LCD TVs and won the "Best in Show" award at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).