What is an AMP System?

An AMP System is an alternative mobile power system. Essentially it is a generator alternative that can be towed to a site where power is needed and no utility power is available. Once on-site, the trailer can be detached from the vehicle as it is a completely independent power system. The AMP System works on technology similar to an alternative energy or battery backup system found in a home or commercial building. Energy derived from utility power, solar, and/or wind power is stored in batteries and used to provide standard 120 and 240 volt electricity to your devices.

Any time you want to use a portable or trailer mounted generator for power, consider an AMP System instead.


How we provide power solutions without a generator

The AMP System stores energy in batteries - big batteries. The batteries are designed to be discharged more deeply than standard car batteries, and can withstand far more abuse. The batteries are connected together and then connected to a high-tech inverter. The inverter takes battery power (direct current) and converts it to A/C power (alternating current) that you can use for standard household appliances, lighting, and industrial equipment. Our systems can provide both 120 and 240 volt power. To recharge the batteries you must plug the trailer into any household or business outlet or and/or use solar power from optional solar electric (photovoltaic) panels mounted on the roof of the trailer. The recharge time depends on many factors including how much the batteries are discharged, what kind of charging source you are using, and what size and type batteries your AMP System contains.


How we build an AMP System

We start with a custom heavy-duty trailer that is tailored to the AMP System being built. Then we mount the appropriate batteries, inverter, and wiring. After that, it depends on how the AMP System will be used. If the AMP System is being configured as a mobile entertainment trailer, we install audio/visual equipment, power outlets, and other customer directed equipment. If the trailer will be used for industrial or government agencies, we install the requested outlets, storage boxes, and other customer equipment per the customers requirements. We then install optional equipment like solar panels. The trailer, electrical system, and other equipment is fully tested. Finally, we provide the appropriate cords, adapters, and connectors to make the AMP System a turnkey mobile power solution that will work immediately upon delivery.